A recent acquisition is the 12,620sqm site at Enfield, directly adjacent to Henley Park, some 10Ha of public open space.  The site offers a unique opportunity to accommodate a mix of townhouses and apartments. A review of the planning controls is being undertaken to articulate an appropriate future use, density, height and scale.

There is strong demand for a diversity of housing opportunities in the local area, including some affordable housing options. The vison is to create a residential community with a unique sense of place and identity. The development will provide a highly ecologically sustainable development which sets a benchmark in the local area. Proactive engagement and collaboration with the local community, local stakeholders and Burwood Council is proposed to shape a positive outcome for the site and surrounding area.

The development provides an opportunity to enhance Henley Park and provide some important community facilities, under consideration are a childcare centre, a café and children’s play area.